Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My first American wedding (since I was about 4 years old, anyway)

Congratulations, Samantha and Jamie!

It's been a BUSY two weeks since coming back to the States, helping mom prepare the house for visitors and researching wedding stuff on the internet. I was so honored not only to take part but to have such an important role--maid of honor! So here's what I learned about weddings in the ol' US of A:

1. Weddings are very expensive
2. Weddings are hard to prepare for (especially for the bride)
3. Weddings are a good excuse to convince family to come all the way to po-dunk North Dakota, even in the middle of winter
4. Weddings are fun

Two more interesting facts:

1. The more immediate the family, the more wedding cake you get to take home, YUM!
2. If it's your own wedding, you get to pick ALL the music (and everyone will dance to it with smiles on their faces)

Best quotes of the night:
"All my friends are here, my family is all here, this is the best night of my LIFE!"
Jamie (groom)

"We have to do this EVERY year!"
Sam (bride)

"I could definitely drink a rum and coke tonight."
Mom won't touch alcohol,
nor did she have her rum and coke this night, either

"Just think of baseball!"
When someone said they might cry at the wedding

If anyone has another quote, put it in the comments! I'd love to hear it!

Thanks to Antie Dot, Dee and the junior bridesmaid girls Madelyn and Haylee, Don & Shirley and Lindsey (my camerawoman) and Kristen and their handsome intelligent gentlemen all for coming all the way from Wisconsin! Hope you all made it back safely and enjoyed your trip.


Anonymous said...

In honor of this post, I shall drink a rum and coke while thinking of baseball! The wedding was great and it was soooo nice to have Shannen there to participate in the wedding and censor Dad's wedding speeches.

sister Sam

Anonymous said...

Link me! Link me!

Thanks for posting a comment on my blog! I'm sorry you have been comment-less for awhile. Comments are like crack. I hear. Like I would know, I just know comments are addictive. Remember that episode of Growing Pains where Mike Seaver turned down cocaine? That was kind of a crappy episode. Not because he turned down drugs but because it was all boring serious and stuff. Does family read this? They do, don't they? I'll shut up now.

Anyhow, Congrats to your marriage cousin Sammie! Best wishes and happy honeymoon!

-Crazy Cousin Casey

Anonymous said...

Nice quotes Shannen! I had to go to the library to view this since "someone" lost my access to the internet. I wonder who?

Shannen said...

*Sister Sam*

Thanks for the comment! (although I'll admit I practically stood behind you and forced you to write one) It was a lovely wedding and we're all happy for you! And most importantly we're all (I speak for myself, but suspect others feel the same way) SOOO jealous of your honeymoon.

*Crazy Cousin Casey MOE*

Thanks for the comment, too! It's always great to get a goofy Casey rant in any form! I admit I used to watch Growing Pains every week, and I think I remember the boring drug episode.

I love your blog, I'll definately link you, everyone GO CHECK IT OUT!


Such slander! I was just trying to get you to go to the library since you like books so much!

Ravioli said...

Que vivan los novios!!!

Anonymous said...



Faith said...

Hi Shannen!
Thanks for your comment on our blog, I just figured out how to leave one on yours too now! I've been checking back to see what's new so I'm looking forward to reading more too. Congratulations to your sister Sam and her new husband- what a gorgeous couple and you looked absolutely beautiful too as the maid of honor. Sounds like a great wedding and cheers to the happy couple!

Talk to you soon my friend!!