Thursday, April 19, 2007

Underwater Pictures

Backtracking a bit, I wanted to show you some pics I took while diving. Most pics were of fish butts (running away) but I managed to get a couple interesting shots:

Divers in front of me

Fish butt
Green Moray, see it? See it? I took this picture!!!
Another fleeing fish

Just to make this entry more exciting, here are a few shots my diving instructor gave me.

Reef shark

Turtle Octopus


Anonymous said...

Fish can't run. They don't have feet. BOD

Shannen said...


I thought it cuter to say they were running than swimming. Sounds more desperate...

Anonymous said...

The pictures were nice.

Anonymous said...

Also to be anatomically correct, a picture of a fish's butt would be a picture of the bottom of the fish and not the back.

Emma Fischbutt

Shannen said...

*Anonymous 1*

Thanks for admiring them! Wish you were here!

*Anonymous 2 a.k.a. Emma Fischbutt*

Hmmm, didn't think about that...
But wouldn't a picture of the fish's back be from the top of the fish, then?