Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Funny Pictures

I'm in Arequipa, Peru. The whole city is on strike today against fuel prices, so we can't go anywhere, everything is closed, and we are being forced to relax and do nothing all day. It's tough, I tell you. I'm feeling too lazy to write, so I've decided to share some recent pictures that make me laugh. Hope you enjoy.

Goat who climbed into bus for food
Giant rooster statue in La Paz, I couldn't get his head into the picture
They call them Sandwiches in Spanish, too, but noone has a clue how to spell it
They wouldn't be so creepy without the honey bees
And I thought I got stared at in Japan...
Llamas and sheep
Elmo participated in the strike today, marching with the communists

We're off early tomorrow for a four day trek in Colca Canyon. More about that later!


Anonymous said...

Ichiban!! That is just the cutest llama and goat in your pictures!! Have fun hiking!


Anonymous said...

Love the goats & llamas!!! They are on my top ten list of favorite animals!

sister Sam

Shannen said...

*Madre and Sister Sam*

Thanks for your comments (and e-amils)! Aren't llamas just the cutest! You can buy one for about $100 here, I'm really tempted to take one home. Donkeys cost about $300, and mules a little less. I'll have to ask about the goats, hee hee. They must think I'm the weirdest tourist asking how much all the animals cost. A live chicken costs about $5.

I dropped a giant rock on my fingernail so can't type much, boo hoo. Will write as soon as the finger allows.

Take care!!

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked. I didn't know that Elmo was a Communist! BOD

Moe: said...

Does Elmo even drive?

I like the fact that they were able to get sandwiches fine on the little sign but not the big one.

Have fun on your canyon trip!