Wednesday, October 03, 2007


For fear of overusing words such as "amazing" or "awesome", I will limit my Galapagos entry to mostly pictures. (Hope it's not too heavy...) To start, here is one of my favorites:See it? See it? I took this picture while snorkelling, a friend from the cruise lent me his underwater camera---it's a hammerhead shark! If that picture doesn't stimulate your optical nerves, here are some that I hope might...

Very handsome land iguana, Santa Fe island Marine iguana soaking up the sun, EspaƱola island, Suarez Point
Marina iguanas, EspaƱola island, Gardner BeachSea lions are a constant presense, this pic is from Santa Fe island
Young sea lions playing (or fighting?)
Lava lizard resting on sea lion, Bartolome islandRed footed Boobie, Genovesa island
Red footed boobie chickBlue footed boobies doing famous mating dance
Blue footed boobie feet
Nasca boobie with chick
Majestic frigate bird males showing off their creepy red sacks
Frigate bird chick, awwwww
Galapagos penguins going for a dipGiant land tortoises at the Charles Darwin research and breeding center The Guantanamera cruise ship (L), My cruise group (R)

Bartolome island at sunsetTaking in more volcanoes at Isabela islandLeaving the Galapagos, boo hoo

If that's not enough pictures for you, don't worry, next time you see me you will be subjected to 500 or so more. It was amazing. Truly awesome.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I like iguanas more than the average person, but that many big ones together is creepy! Watch out - they bite really hard if you piss them off...

sister Sam

Ravioli said...

Hi Lindura, I can see...Godzilla come back!!! hahaha, I like the birds with "medias con deditos" hahaha. I like it.

Shannen said...

*Hey Sis!*

They were cute, like flocks of mini Godzillas. The worse they'll do to you is sneeze salt water at you, animals are so tame in the Galapagos. (Though I did hear of a sea lion biting a chunk out of a woman's leg, but she was apparently really bothering them) If I ever go to Galapagos again I will bring some little running people and miniature houses and pose them with the iguanas, he he.

Shannen said...

*Hola Raviolito*

Medias con deditos? Ji ji
You mean the boobies? They're cute, huh?

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't use dirty words on your blog. "boobies" "chics". If I used that kind of potty mouth at work someone would file a complaint.....BOD

Shannen said...


Hopefully I wont get too many unwarranted hits...luckily they didn't use worse names for the birds of Galapagos...

Moe: said...

Hello Shannen,

Why can't you retire to the middle of Kansas where you get a job working as a waitress at Denny's? My envy green is overwhelming. ;-)

Love the penguins and baby sealions. Kevin would flip for the birds (no pun intended!). The last picture flipped me out, but in that bad way. *shiver* Hate. Heights. *end shiver*

Shannen said...

*Hi Moe!*

Gimme a break, I grew up in North Dakota...(wave of self pity)

That's right---airplanes! I should have warned you before that one!

nonsama said...

oops i said "how was patagonia" hahaha I meant "galapagos" of course. it's only "pa" and "go".. how did I get that??
amazing photos.. Yes I would love to see 500 more of these.

Shannen said...

*Hi Nonsama!*

I was thinking of going to Patagonia, too, don't worry, you're not entirely (ha ha) crazy. Would love to show you all the pics someday! When are you coming to the States to visit, wink!

Bobbi-Jo said...

Hey Shannen - the Galapagos look like they are all they are said to be... how awesome. I actually just moved back to Washington to stay at home, work, and save money. In January I'm headed to South America then Eastern Europe and East Africa (thru July). Where would you recommend to start - and how have you been getting around? Where are you thinking of going in January?