Thursday, November 22, 2007

Whoa---can't believe I'm in Aruba!

I spent my last 24 hours in buses rushing across the country to try my luck at getting a seat to Aruba (Dutch Carribean tropical island for those who don't know what an Aruba is). The planes were all totally sold out so I showed up at the airport and got on the waiting list. And guess what, I'm HERE! It was so unexpected that Ani my friend doesn't even know I'm here yet---whoops. I'm waiting for her to check her messages on the answering machine.

I had my first full-body search at the airport. It was very unpleasant. The plane was an old propellor job but the flight was only 15 minutes so I could handle it. All the Latinos on the plane (most passengers) were repeatedly doing the sign of the cross praying for their lives.

I got myself an Arubian CELL PHONE! Please call me! I will publicly present my phone number because 1) it is only for a week (until the 29th), 2) I don't have to pay for incoming calls, and 3) I have my ringer set to "rooster" and really want to hear it crow.


So far Aruba is modern, looks more like home with some colonial stuff mixed in (a la New Orleans) . There's a Cinnibon at the airport (probably spelled wrong but don't want to get spammed checking for the correct spelling). I haven't seen the beaches yet. Have no idea what language to use, people speak Dutch, Papiamento (the native language), English and Spanish. They have this cool square coin worth 50 Florins. Don't know how much that is yet.

I'm excited to be here, but can't wait to be home and see everyone!


Ravioli said...

I will call You!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally don't know how to call you. I tried, but I don't think I have international service with my cell. Enjoy Aruba - it makes me think of that lame-o song from the Cocktail movie.

sister Sam

Moe: said...

Aruba! Sam is right, it's hard to say 'Aruba' without getting that horrible Beach Boys via the 80's song out of your head.

When you make it to the beach, have a fruity cocktail with an umbrella for me.

Shannen said...


It was great talking to you today! Thanksssss!

*Sister Sam*

Thanks for trying! Cesar says he couldn't get through either and had to call me at my friends' number. Stoopid phone! I don't know what song that is? The Kokomo song? If so, I hate that song, too...


The Kokomo? I don't know which song, but that's ok, I think I'm better off for it. ha ha I will definately have a fruity drink in your honor!

Anonymous said...

Aruba, Jamaca, ooooo I'm gonna take ya' to Bermuda, Bahama, oh yeah pretty mama......

Beach Boys

Shannen said...

*Beach Boys*

EW! I hate that song!

*Dear All*

I hope you find it in your hearts to forgive me for putting it in all of your heads...

Anonymous said...

I am extremely bored of studying & I blame it on the lack of travel blogs to read... Maybe you could post some pictures of Oprah or a piece of Chicago-style pizza to give Lura & I a break during finals.

sister Sam

Bobbi-Jo said...

hey shannen - are you home sweet home now?
colombia looked amazing. what a trip ! you've been 'on the road' all year now, right?

how long will you be in the states?
i'm getting so excited to head out - and reading these is always an inspiration.

happy christmas!

Moe: said...

Hey Shannen,

The gig is up. We all know you aren't in Aruba anymore. Some pictures of the snowy Midwest would be nice...make me feel good living in the sunshine. :-)

Anonymous said...

We're getting bored. You really need to update your blog badly.


Moe: said...

Totally BORED. You. Are. Not. In. Aruba. We know this. Stop trying to fool us. We know you are in the snow and cold. We're cool with that.