Monday, March 17, 2008

Getting more used to India

So far so good. I have decided that I will use toilet paper and I will continue to eat with my left hand and I don't care what people think of me. (Ok, weird start, if you are confused please read previous post)

I took my first Indian train 11 hours south to Goa. I used the nicest class "2AC sleeper" which means that there are only 2 tiers of bunk beds instead of three with air conditioning. It was pretty dirty but empty and I could close the curtain and create my own nest-on-rails. The most wonderful thing I discovered in these 11 hours was the Chai vendor. For about 12 cents you get a piping hot and cinnamon clove spiced cup of delicious Indian chai tea. With a cup of chai in hand I realized, yes, this is why I came to India! The next 10 hours were spent stalking the chai vendor...

I am currently in Panjim (also known as Panaji), a town in Goa state. This area had been colonized by the Portuguese so there's an interesting Latin air about it. My broken Portuguese has amazingly come in handy here.

I was remembering Central and South America and comparing them to India, and I realized that I feel a lot safer here in comparison. There are so many people everywhere I feel safe even out at night. I met a Dutch couple who had travelled through the Latin Americas and they agreed. Whew!

I will try to put up pics soon. Until then!


Anonymous said...

I was trying to tell Matt & Jess about your previous blog over the weekend. We were all laughing at your misfortune, but I had a funny feeling they thought I was making it all up. I will pass your blog address on to them. Beware - Jess works nights and you may have a new stalker...

sister Sam

Moe: said...

Hi Shannen!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, it was fun to catch up though!

India! I'm jealous, AND I'm right handed! HAHAHA!

Well, have some curry for me and post more!

Anonymous said...

You ate at McDonalds??? I'm shocked! Was it because they had McToilet paper?


Shannen said...

*sister Sam*

I like blog stalkers, don't worry. As long as they leave comments, ha ha. Need to keep in touch with the real world. And Jess, It's all true! I will post a toilet pic if it will convince the world!

I still eat with my left hand. I can't enjoy my food if I am so busy concentrating with my right. You're a lefty---have you tried it?


Great to hear from you, you've been lost to the world with this new job! You'll have to convince them to let you use the internet at work because you are more "productive" that way. You decide how to convince them. I will dedicate tonight's curry to you.


I didn't actually use the McLoo, but they probably had McToiletpaper in there. I actually loved McD's here because most their menu is vegetarian! I will talk more about it when I post about food.

Anonymous said...

Geez, all the way to India for Chai tea!! I could of just taken you to a good coffee shop for that!! (ha ha) Does that mean I have to go to Switzerland or Belguim for good chocolate? Maybe just Vancouver for Daniels?!

Shannen said...


Are you Mom? Sure, I could get great Chai tea in the States...but for 10 cents a cup? Are you hinting for more Daniel's? hee hee

Anonymous said...

Please continue to use toilet paper.

Shannen said...


Don't worry, I am. Thanks for the, er, advice.