Tuesday, January 30, 2007

El Fuerte

Hello from El Fuerte! I crossed the Gulf of California yesterday in a grotty but comfortable 5 hour ferry, then hopped on a school-like bus to the town of Los Mochis. (Makes me hungry for Japanese rice cakes! Ok, nevermind, Japanese language joke) Then today bussed 2 hours to El Fuerte, a cool town where the Spanish used to have a giant fort to protect them from the local indigineous people.

Last night I ordered the most yummicious cheese quesadillas in the hotel restaurant. The TV was on to ESPN to which a group of men was watching an international rodeo. And they were really IN to it! There are a lot of "cowboys" in the area. At the moment I can hear a donkey beying from outside the cyber cafe. (Do donkeys bey? Maybe it's a mule?) Pretty cool stuff.

Tomorrow I catch the great Copper Canyon Railway to the town of Creel.

So far pretty safe, people are nice, and I'm staying in a $15/night spic and span hostel run by a woman from Sacramento---so don't worry, parents!

Pictures are up! (see side)


Ravioli said...

Hello; "Los Mochis" is not a japanese rice hehehe, Los Mochis means Mochim: "La Tortuga de Tierra" (Earth Turtle?) Good Luck in El Fuerte.(The name seem a militar base...)

Shannen said...


Turtle? OOOh ha ha ha! Thanks, profe! Now I'm in Creel and it's SNOWING!!! The snow is following me!