Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A little more about Real de Catorce, and Pictures!

Yesterday I hiked with my friends to El Quemado, a sacred mountain shaped kind of like an elephant. The Huichol indian shamans make a pilgrimage here to eat peyote (hallucinogenic cactus) and worship their numerous gods. By sheer chance, when we got to the top the shamans were there and invited us to sit down and watch. It was amazing. They are real jokesters and were laughing and playing around at the same time they were serious about their rituals.

The altitude here in Real de Catorce is 2,756m (about 8,000 feet). You cannot walk up the smallest hill without totally losing your breath, and I wake up in the night sometimes panting.

I put up pictures! New shots of Copper Canyon and Zacatecas/Real de Catorce!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who voted in my polls! I was shocked to find out that the majority of my sweet friends and relatives are sick heartless spider killers! I will also make sure to get a BIG apartment in Hawaii for all to visit! I'll put up new polls as soon as I think of something interesting to poll about. Until then!


Senor Papa said...

I didn't vote for "Kill the Spider" by vehicularicide because I would not have wanted yucky spider splatter all over our nice car

Ravioli said...

Hi; Now I know why the Shamans predict the future hehehe They smoke and eat any herbs in the name of ritual.And then, They are ready to hallucinate: "Oh Big Sky give me the power of this world and help me to win the war vs the demon...." hahaha.
They seems Bolivians or Peruvians,clothes are almost equal and the place; very altitude.
P.S. I cant see the photos,will try soon.

Anonymous said...

Did you try any peyote?

sister Sam

Shannen said...

Dear all:
I fixed the pictures, now you should be able to see them! Sorry about that!

*SeƱor Papa*

Vehicularcide??? Ha ha
I think a little spider splatter would have given a little splash of color to the middle-aged beater.


They have cool hats, don't they! After that they went to the top of the mountain and were doing coyote yells. They definately have the Andean colors! It was funny they offered Coca Cola to the gods.

*Sister Sam*

You want me to admit to drug use online?? Ha ha! Actually I don't believe in gringos using it for fun, it's so sacred and people come here and take it to get screwed up, it's just not right. Unless you lived with the Huicholes and they invited you I think.
P.S. I had a Fanta (pronounced Fon-tah) the other day, you jeaous?

Moe: said...

You had to mention Fanta, didn't you? I don't suppose you have ever been privy to the most annoying 'do-ya wanta do-ya wanta Fanta' commercials.

Oh great. Now I have that stuck in my head.

Anonymous said...

Shannenita.... I have been away from your blog for too long. I've missed a bunch of good stuff, but I was able to get caught up last night.

Looks like you are having another priceless adventure. Last time we chatted on messenger, you mentioned that you were on your way to Mexico City. Have you gone through there yet?

Also, please add me to your blog update list.

ciao for now,


Shannen said...

*Hey Max-kun!*

Yippee! Thanks for checking it all out! I will defintately put you on the list!
So you are going to China soon I imagine, can't wait to hear about that!
I'll be in Mexico City this weekend! I'm a little nervous about the BIG CITY but excited to meet my friend there!
Hope to chat soon!