Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mexico City

Honestly don't know the guy in the white mask

Mexico City has been so much fun! I got a group together to see a Lucha Libre match and we all ended up buying masks--hey, it could come in handy when you're on the road. It was all a bunch of fake wrestling by costumed luchadores with names like Blue Panther or Shokercito. Hiroka and Mim Shimoda were Japanese wrestler-ettes who came out in kimonos (???), and there was a gay team who did kinky moves to their opponents that I probably shouldn't mention if my parents are reading this (or anyone else, for that matter) At last the most famous luchador of modern Mexico came out, El Rey Mistico, HURRAH! The crowd went nuts!!!! In the first round he got his white-masked ass kicked along with his team members, then went on to gloriously and, oh no, definately not practicedly or in the least bit planned way, whoop the opposing Perros Campeones (Champion Dogs) and send them whimpering out of the ring.

Then I met up with Michiyo-san, a girl I used to work with by e-mail but had never met. I thought she was probably a very interesting person being Japanese and living in Mexico for so long, and right I was. We had a such great time together! Ate some yummy Japanese food, went out on the town, and finally got to catch up on my Japanese blog. Thanks Michiyo for everything!!!

She told me about a hostel I should try, a Nihon Yado, or Japanese-only hostel. Apparently this place is only known by Japanese backpackers, and even the entry is unmarked except for a Japanese flag and a few letters in hiragana saying "ring the bell". Peaked by the curiosity about whether they would let me in or not, I went up to the unmarked door and rang the bell. The man who answered said he would let me stay since I speak Japanese, but they put me in a room with the only other non-Japanese person in the hotel, ha ha. Go figure. She says she usually gets the room to herself!

Today I went to the great pyramids of Teotihuacan (eek, probably butchered the spelling). It was hot. And I walked a lot. (lovely writing, huh? I should write travel guides with this material) And the vendor/stalkers were pissing me off. Then I went back into town and gorged on a buffet at the "best vegetarian restaurant in town" according to reputable sources (Michiyo's friend). It was the most heavenly eating experience I've had in months. ahhh


Moe: said...

Hi ya cousin!

Mexico City, huh? That's probably the first city\town you've been to in awhile that I can actually pronounce. The wrestling match sounded like a blast!

Oh, and you posted just as I updated.

From one former Duran Duran fan to another, best regards on your next adventure. ;-)

PIERRE said...

Sounds like you are having an amazing time- I can't believe you have time to stop and write!! I'm so excited for you and your travels. I was showing my cousin your blog bc she traveled around there and lived in Wahaca (not sure of the spelling) and she said she loved your pics and they just took her back- natsukashi!! Have you been to Wahaca or is that off of your path?

Bye for now,

XOXO Faith

Shannen said...

*Former Duranie Cousin Moe*

Yippee, I'll head on over to your new post right now! Hmmm wonder what it could be about...


I'm off to Oaxaca (Wahaca, hee hee) next week! I can't wait! I've heard it's many a traveller's favorite place in Mexico.
Yeah, I'm on the net a lot because it's so CHEAP and I love having the comfort of friends and family "nearby" when I'm on the road.
Take care, and say HI to your cousin for me!

Ravioli said...

Where is Spiderman???

Anonymous said...

Masks, spanish leotards, gay wrestling matches - I'm concerned for your well being. Is the mass tequila consumption doing this to my beloved sister?! Make sure you consume some for me too!

sisiter Sam

Anonymous said...

The wrestling sounds very cartoonish...just your style!?! Are you still in Mexico City? Glad the Mitsuba friend turned out to be awesome!

Today you are missing a blizzard. The interstate is closed tonight from Bismarck to Fargo. I'm home catching up on stuff tonight. School wasn't cancelled though.

Shannen said...


They had Spiderman masks, too! Some people were wearing them!

*Hermanita Sam*

You've probably been consuming more tequila than I have lately, especially with the celebrations and all, ha ha! I have to catch up!

*Anonymous Mom*

SNOW??? Boy am I ever missing out! I can't believe they closed the highway, that must be a LOT of snow! Too bad school wasn't cancelled.
I'm in Aguas Calientes now visiting my friends. They gave me my own apartment to stay in for the weekend, wow! It's nice getting taken around and meeting family!

Bobbi-Jo said...

you have no idea how intrigued i am by this japanese only hostel. what a world we have. how long did you stay? was the other non japanese girl fluent in japanese?

Shannen said...

*Hi Bobbi-jo*

Great to hear from you! Yeah, the hostel was so much more comfortable than the one we met in. Only 3 beds per dorm room, and a huge library of books with cushions to lounge around on. (the books in Japanese, ha ha) The other girl was from Uruguay and didn´t speak a word or Japanese. She heard of the place from a friend, I think, and was living there long term, as she said it was cheap and cozy enough. I stayed about 4 nights there. If you want the address for next time, I'll let you in on the secret, ha ha. Take care!