Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Aguascalientes, Taxco

The friends I met in Guanajuato at the callejoneada (remember? men in old Spanish leotards) invited me to their home this weekend, 6 hours north of Mexico City by bus to a town called Aguascalientes. Aguascalientes in Spanish means "hot water", and the town is famous for its thermal springs. My friends tell me that many homes still use natural hot water for their shower---cool! My friends Tanya and Erika are cousins whose families have lived in both the States and Mexico, and they are both English teachers at a university in town. They took me around to the sites, taught me about all the yummy junk food native to Mexico (corn with cream in a cup, egg nog flavored ice cream water, cafe de olla--cinnamon flavored sugared-up coffee, but I couldn't appreciate the chili flavored sweet tamarind jelly beans though, ew) and took me to see their friends' rock band play on Sat. night. It was a blast! The best thing was learning about Mexican culture and seeing how close the family is, and hearing first hand reports about the cool things to do and see in the area. Thanks so much, Tanya and Erika!!!!

For some reason, I was very popular with the insect population of Aguascalientes city. One night I had to pull a grasshopper out of my shirt, and another night I got stung by a bee inside a restaurant! The little demon stung my left hand ring finger, and it swelled so much I've had sumo-wrestler-hand for the last few days. I think they like the Bath and Body lavender soap and body lotion I've been using, hmmm, might have to change soaps.

Taxco is a World Heritage designated colonial maze of steep streets that all go uphill. (How do they do that?) The streets are so narrow that they only use Volkswagen Beetles for taxis with the front passenger seat pulled out, customer sits in back. Buses are old Volkswagen Vans with the side door pulled off. I saw a 4WD truck try to navigate the streets with his side view mirror scraping against all the buildings. There are no sidewalks, you have to duck into shops sometimes to avoid getting hit. Not getting run over in this town is an artform.

I put up new pictures! From Guanajuato-Uruapan-Mexico City and from Aguascalientes-Taxco, check 'em out!

Volkswagon bus

Taxco taxis


Moe: said...

Hi ya Cuz!

That town looks beautiful! And it also makes me want to spend my life as a VW beetle taxi driver. ;-)

Shannen said...

*Cousin Moe*

You should try starting your own Beetle taxi service in LA!

Like I said, I'm just a-waiting for my little cousin to come down and join me for some Mexican fun! (I've been holding off on the tequila drinking just for you!)

Faith said...

Oh, I'd love to come and visit you in Mexico too Shannen! It looks so pretty- must make you want to stay! I wonder where our Shannen will end up after all of this traveling- you have your pick of the world!

faith again said...

Just read your response from last time now. Wonder if you made it to Oaxaca (boy is that not spelled like it's pronounced! well in English anyway! = ) I'll definitely say hi to my cuz for you!

Bye again for now!

Shannen said...

*Hi Faith-chan!*

Yes, come to Mexico! I'm waiting for you here in Oaxaca! I'm in Oaxaca right now, got in on Wed. It is really beautiful. I'll probably blog about it later. Today I'm off to the beaches in Oaxaca state, my first beaches since Jan. when it was too cold to enjoy them! (I know, complain complain) Take care!

Ravioli said...

Hi, I like the Volskwagen but I will make tuning in all cars hehehe, the City Tuning with Volskwagen.
You are sure, change the soap.Take care.

Shannen said...


Imagino una ciudad lleno de Volkswagens pintado de fueguito, ja ja ja! O con buffers? Que haria Ravioli? ji ji ji

Ravioli said...

I think that is very cool, the power of noise he he he...