Monday, February 05, 2007

Ay, Chihuahua!

I came to the internet cafe today just to write a blog entitled "Ay, Chihuahua!". Sorry, I couldn't resist. Now I have to figure out what to write about...

I'm in Chihuahua and everything is closed for Constitution Day. Unfortunately no fun street parties or fiestas for the constitution, I already asked. So far I've notice painted Chihuahua statues (of the dog) all over town, and you can buy a purple or green pair of high-quality ostrich or snakeskin cowboy boots for about $50. Now you all know what you're getting for Christmas this year.

I'm staying in a $10 a night fleapit hotel right across the street from the Cathedral on the main plaza. Good location, but I keep getting the La Cucaracha song in my head. (Ya no puede caminar---here I go again...!) There's a vegetarian restaurant right next door to the hotel but it's CLOSED, darn that constitution!


Ravioli said...

Hi, Do You know the song? La La La La La,La La La La La,lalalalalalala,porque no tiene, porque le falta una patita pa caminar....jajaja.Mariachis!!! I remember this song since child jajaja. I hear about Chihuahua in Japan; there is a crazy phrase that says: KONNI-CHIWAWA. They call Konni-chiwawa to a dog race, a very small dog hahaha.
That bad luck about the restaurant, What is Constitution Day? A Town party? I hope You can find a healthful restaurant.

Faith said...

Glad the internet cafe was open!! At least it doesn't look like it snowed that day! Oh I wonder where our Shannen will end up next- how exciting!!!

Shannen said...


Yes, THAT song! What a crazy race, Konni-chiwawa, ha! I ate at the vegetarian restaurant the next day, I had a burrito de carne de soja y verduras (soy meat and veggies). It was GREAT! I love Mexican food!


Thanks for your comment! I spent 3 hours on the net that day! (for lack of much else to do). Also walked and walked and walked.
Can you believe they say the sakura are already blooming in Ueno because it's so warm! Can't wait for spring!

Anonymous said...

Wow, sorry about all the cold weather and snow!! I've been plugging in the car here all week due to subzero temperatures. So here it is mostly cold. I'll pass on the lovely green and/or purple cowboy boots. My plum Ugg snow boots are enough for me. I wear them for recess duty to stay warm. Last week we went out at -14 windchill (our cut off to stay in is -15 windchill). So next time you are could be worse. Hace freo!


Shannen said...


Still cold, but I can't complain compared to ND...! I heard it was -49 in Winnepeg recently, eek! Enjoy your plum boots and don't freeze! You sure you don't want those orange ostrich cowboy boots?

Faith said...

Wow, plum ugg boots sound pretty- I could use a pair here in Ontario too- It has been about -21 with the windchill. Definitely can't wait for spring though- just thinking of the sakura in Ueno is so natsukashi!!